Uro Oncology

Best Uro Oncology Surgeon in Delhi

Uro Oncology is the field of Urology that deals with cancers of the Uro-Genital Organs. This means the treatment of cancers of the Kidney, Bladder , Prostate, Testis and Penis. The treatment of these cancers is very specific and specialized. It involves surgery,radiotherapy and Chemotherapy. Hence all treatment has to be multimodal in nature.

Dr Aditya Pradhan has had 20 years of experience in dealing with these cases. Every patient is assessed in terms of the type of cancer, stage of the cancer , drawing up a treatment plan and then follow up of these patients. The surgical arm of the treatment involves most often a Robotic Surgery or Laparoscopic Surgery. In some cases open surgery also may be warranted.

The Outpatient assessment of the patients can be done at BLK Hospital or at the Dwarka OPD locations. The surgical treatment is done only at BLKHospital.

Three main types of Cancer Treatments I specialise in:

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