Best Uro Oncology Surgeon in Delhi

Uro- Oncology is that branch of Urology that deals with cancer of the Urogenital tract . In this specialized area today the main modes of therapy are Surgery, Radiation and Chemotherapy, given in various combinations. This requires a team effort for best results for the patient.

In this area, the commonly treated cancers include those of Kidney , Bladder and Prostate

The main difference in management of these cancers by a uroonco surgeon and an Onco surgeon is that a Uro Onco Surgeon has a more focused view and expertise in the management of these cancers, and so results are optimized for the patient. This is a “specialized” versus “generalized” management difference

Dr Aditya Pradhan Uro oncology Surgeon in Delhi

Dr Aditya Pradhan and his team have a dedicated Uro Oncology clinic. He is one of the the best Uro-oncology surgeon in Delhi with vast experience in Laparoscopic as well as open surgical procedures for the above cancers

He also runs a  Uro-onco Clinic in Dwarka.

Started Post Prostatectomy Rehabilitation Programme

Treated our 3rd case with complete incontinence after Radical Prostatectomy 5 Year ago at another hospital Now fully continent and leading normal life.