Prostate Surgery

prostate surgery in delhi

The prostate is an accessory sexual gland in the male. It is about the size of a walnut and is below the bladder , encircling the urethra.

With age the prostate gland is enlarged. Most often this enlargement is benign and involves the inner part of the prostate. This condition is called BENIGN PROSTATIC HYPERTROPHY or BPH. Sometimes the prostate is enlarged by a Cancerous growth .

The symptoms are similar for both condition and typically produces urinary symptoms- Frequent urination, poor stream, need to strain to void or passing urine at night.

The first need on such symptoms being experienced is to consult a urologist in Delhi. He will make an assessment of the symptoms ,do an examination of the prostate and prescribe some tests. The aim of these tests is to see how much is the enlargement, is there a cancer and what is the state of health of the kidneys and bladder.

Most cases of BPH are managed with medication. Surgery is needed in a few cases where medicines fail or a complication is present.

Surgery for BPH is performed endoscopically.


This is the traditional operation, which is quite safe and effective. The safety of this operation has been enhanced by modern instrumentation called Bipolar Saline TURP.

Laser Prostatectomy

For this operation a laser is used as a cutting tool to remove the enlarged part of the prostate. Various lasers are used for the operation like Holmium Laser (HOLEP) Diode laser or Thulium laser.

At the BLK Hospital New Delhi where Dr Aditya Pradhan and his team operate, all these devices are available.

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