Paediatric Urology

Paediatric Urology in delhi

Pediatric urology deals with the treatment of urological problems in children. Very often in this age group the problems encountered are due to birth defects Their correct management ensures that the child recovers well and has a normal adult life.

Some of the problems treated include

Pelvi Ureteric Junction obstruction:


In this condition commonly affecting the male child , the opening of the urethra is not on the tip of the penis, but below, on the shaft. The stream of urine is hence not straight but deflected downwards.

This needs surgical correction

Undescended Testis

Here there is a failure of the testes by birth to descend into the scrotum. As a result the testis may not be felt in the scrotum. This can lead to damage to the testis with age and reduction in the quantity of sperm produced.

This condition needs an operation of orchidopexy done by Laparoscopic or open operation

There are some other conditions like Vesuci Ureteric Reflux, Extrophy bladder etc which are seen in children.

In the management of these patients it is important to work as a team with the paediatrician and paediatric anaesthetist

In most cases with meticulous surgical technique and aftercare, good results are achieved.

Dr Aditya Pradhan

His team are committed to optimizing the results of care in these special patients.

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