Event Date : 03/01/2018

Attended European Society of Sexual Medicine at Lisbon Portugal from 1st to 3rd March 2018

Event Date : 02/10/2018
Presented a cme on cancer prostate update to DELHI MEDICAL ASSOCIATION DWARKA BRANCH DELHI on 10th-Feb -2018

Event Date : 01/20/2018
Our new robot the new X-Da Vinci to be inducted shortly at BLK Hospital.

Event Date : 01/20/2018
3 urologists From Tashkent , Uzbekistan-Dr Salimov, Dr Zakinov and dr Khamanov along with my team
Visited us for 1 month to see various operations done in our Center

Event Date : 01/18/2018
Attended Annual Urology Conference at Jaipur from 18 to 21 Jan. We had 2 posters. One on Cadaver Transplant and the other on Sicle cell disease with Kidney Transplant

Event Date : 11/18/2017
View of Xi Robot to be bought by BLK Hospital At Robotics Surgeon Council meeting Goa on 18th – 19th November

Event Date : 11/25/2017
Did kidney transplant surgery master class and lectures with transplant centre at Tajikistan. This is the main transplant centre and this was an academic program

Event Date : 11/03/2017
Presented paper on Kidney Cancer at NorthZone Urology Society of India conference at Meerut on 3rd to 5th Nov. Title of paper Positive Margins after Partial Nephrectomy.

Event Date : 10/13/2017
INDIAN Society of Organ Transplantation Topic Management of donor

Event Date : 09/28/2017
Urology Society of India North Zone at Manila. 28th Sep. Presented a paper on Overview of Cadaver Transplant

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