Event Date : 02/04/2019
OPD at Andijan in Uzbekistan. Delivered lecture on Robotic Urology at Paediatric Hospital Andijan.
Event Date : 12/26/2018
Did a 2 day opd at BUKHARA, Uzbekistan . Presented a lecture at the Cancer Centre Bukhara on Robotics in Urology
Event Date : 12/25/2018
Wonderful conference at India Habitat Centre 25th Dec 2018 . Annual conference Delhi Urology Society . Presentation on a marginal donors in kidney transplant. A video presentation on Urology Laparoscopic procedures
Event Date : 11/21/2018
Brilliant conference on Urology Cancer Pathology at Kokilaben hospital Mumbai over the weekend 21st to 23rd November. The biggest man in this field Jonathan Epstein from Johns Hopkins spoke brilliantly.
Event Date : 10/19/2018
Did 4 kidney Transplant operations for Mohimbili Hospital, Govt of Tanzania from 19 to 22 October. Wonderful experience.
Event Date : 10/13/2018
Opd at Fiji. Talk on Prostate cancer screening to Fiji Cancer Centre
Event Date : 10/04/2018
A great day at Amrita Kochi at the Robotic Surgery Centre
Event Date : 10/01/2018
Happy to have hosted Dr Asiz from Kabul for Endo Urology training at Blk Hospital
Event Date : 09/10/2018
Participated in Prostate Cancer conference Prism 10 September. Was a panelist for surgical treatment locally advanced cancer.
Event Date : 08/13/2018
Doctors team from Uzbek coming to Delhi for training at BLK HOSPITAL
Event Date : 08/12/2018
OPD at Uzbekistan in Tashkent and Urgench
Event Date : 06/26/2018
Lecture on Partial Nephrectomy presented at Urology centre of Uzbekistan
Event Date : 06/26/2018
OPD at Uzbekistan with OZ Hospital at Adijan cancer centre Adijan and Uzbek Urology Centre Tashkent Uzbekistan.
Event Date : 06/11/2018
At Expanse 2018 Kuala Lumpur. Was on a panel discussion of Cancer Prostate
Event Date : 04/30/2018
Attended a Uro-oncology workshop at Lucknow on all aspects of Urooncology
Event Date : 04/18/2018
Performed a Masterclass of Kidney transplantation at Tajikistan Dangara hospital on 18th and 19th April.
Event Date : 04/15/2018
Presented a lecture on Robotics in Urology at IMA OUTER WEST DELHI ANNUAL DAY on 15th April
Event Date : 04/05/2018
Treated our 3rd case with complete incontinence after Radical Prostatectomy 5 Year ago at another hospital Now fully continent and leading normal life.
Event Date : 04/01/2018
Wonderful Congress at Mumbai on AMERICAN SOCIETY OF GENITOURINARY ONCOLOGY on Sunday 1st April Participated in a seminar on Bladder Cancer
Event Date : 03/01/2018
Attended European Society of Sexual Medicine at Lisbon Portugal from 1st to 3rd March 2018
Event Date : 02/10/2018
Presented a cme on cancer prostate update to DELHI MEDICAL ASSOCIATION DWARKA BRANCH DELHI on 10th-Feb -2018
Event Date : 01/20/2018
Our new robot the new X-Da Vinci to be inducted shortly at BLK Hospital.
Event Date : 01/20/2018
3 urologists From Tashkent , Uzbekistan-Dr Salimov, Dr Zakinov and dr Khamanov along with my team Visited us for 1 month to see various operations done in our Center
Event Date : 01/18/2018
Attended Annual Urology Conference at Jaipur from 18 to 21 Jan. We had 2 posters. One on Cadaver Transplant and the other on Sicle cell disease with Kidney Transplant
Event Date : 11/18/2017
View of Xi Robot to be bought by BLK Hospital At Robotics Surgeon Council meeting Goa on 18th - 19th November
Event Date : 11/25/2017
Did kidney transplant surgery master class and lectures with transplant centre at Tajikistan. This is the main transplant centre and this was an academic program
Event Date : 11/03/2017
Presented paper on Kidney Cancer at NorthZone Urology Society of India conference at Meerut on 3rd to 5th Nov. Title of paper Positive Margins after Partial Nephrectomy.
Event Date : 10/13/2017
INDIAN Society of Organ Transplantation Topic Management of donor
Event Date : 09/28/2017
Urology Society of India North Zone at Manila. 28th Sep. Presented a paper on Overview of Cadaver Transplant
Event Date : 09/12/2017
Attended a International seminar on Prostate Cancer - the cutting edge. At Mount Sinai Hospital NY
Event Date : 08/10/2017
Event Date : 07/25/2017
Our patient contact program in Uro Oncology in association with Cipla
Event Date : 08/19/2017
Uro Oncology meeting on Sat 19th August Presented data on 2 landmark trials Latitude and Stampede which have changed ground rules of advanced Prostate Cancer care
Event Date : 07/30/2017
OPD at Malawi 30th Jul to 2nd Aug. Very productive with more than 250 Patients. Beautiful African country with British Roots
Event Date : 07/01/2017
Launched ABHAY Our patient contact program in Uro oncology in association with Cipla
Event Date : 07/01/2017
Active Surveillance for Prostate Cancer, Dr Aditya Pradhan BLK Superspeciality Hospital, New Delhi
Event Date : 06/24/2017
Complications in Urology : Novel theme of conference on 24 Jun 17. Our paper on stent related complications well accepted
Event Date : 06/17/2017
Most cases of Prostate cancer detected by a PSA test are low grade, early stage disease
Event Date : 06/18/2017
Urology Camp done on 18th June 2017 with excellent response.
Event Date : 04/17/2017
Urology Conference Expanse 17 April 2017 at Mahabalipuram During a panel discussion on Cancer Prostate with Dr Anil Mandhani
Event Date : 2017
Loads of material on check point inhibitors and genetic testing in #urology cancers
Event Date : 04/29/2017
A CME on Kidney Transplant at Allahabad on Saturday 29 April 2017
Event Date : 03/24/2017
Many exciting developments in Acitve surveillance protocols in Prostate Cancer
Event Date : 03/17/2017
Organised presentation on Radical Prostatectomy at Jaypee Sidhartha Hotel on 17th March 2017. More than 25 Urologists and Uro oncologists attended. Proved a very useful teaching - learning platform
Event Date : 03/08/2017
An interesting case of Kidney Stone Fully cleared in single sitting PCNL Operation time 2 hours
Event Date : 02/10/2017
58 yr male presenting with right flank pain after prior TURP 2 y ago. GFR Right Kidney 32 ml/min. Left Kidney normal Rare complication produced by previous TURP causing complete scarring of trigone and RIght Ureteric Obstruction Treated by Endoincision
Event Date : 05/05/2016
CME For Delegation of Urologists From Morocco Held on 05/May/2016 in The Lalit New Delhi, The Topic was BPH Surgery Prostate Cancer....
Event Date : 01/18/2017
USICON Conference in Mumbai on 18th January 2017 to 21st January 2017.
Event Date : 01/07/2017
CME with IMA held in Bareilly on 7th January 2017.