Andrology Treatment

Andrology deals with all aspects of mens health in relation to sexual function.

Some of the main  conditions that are treated are:

  • Impotency (Erectile Dysfunction )
  • Infertility
  • Pre mature ejaculation
  • Andropause

Erectile Dysfunction:

This is a failure of achieving erection suitable for coitus. In most cases there is a Psychological cause in the background. Other causes include Hormonal Imbalances, Neurolgical problems or vacular problems. In Diabetics many of these causes are present together.

An initial evaluation by the doctor leads to some blood tests. Most cases are successfully managed by oral therapy. In those patients unresponsive to drugs , penile injection therapy or Vacuum Erection devices can help. In resistant cases a penile implant is the final solution.

Infertility :

There is failure to concieve even after cohabitatio and regular intercourse for a year. In a third of the cases the cause is in the male partner, in a third it is the female partner, and in the rest there is a problem in both the partners. Hence an evaluation in infertility should include both the husband and wife together and not just the wife or husband alone.
The assesment begins with a semen analysis and a hormone profiling of the patient. If there is no sperm at all – Azoospermia, then the further evaluation aims to rule out absence of vas and the presence of an obstruction. This is corrected by an operation called Vaso epidydmal  anastomosis (VEA)

In those cases where there is a low sperm count and a varicocele present  a  simple operation of Micro Varicocelectomy will improve the sperm  count considerably

In patients with low counts and no correctable causes various lifestyle modification like healthy diet, adeqaute exerecise and nutritional supplements help.

In some cases there is need for Vasectomy Operationn Reversal and this is done by Microscopic Vaso- Vasostomy

Premature Ejacualtion:

In this condition there is a very short period of sustenance of erection . This produces sexual dissatisfaction and dysharmony in a couple. It is a very common condition and is compounded by unnatural and exaggerated expectations of the sexual act in patients.

For this condition detailed counselling, sexual education and medicines are needed.


Akin to a menopause in female, in males there is a reduction in the production of the male hormone testosterone with advancing age.This leads to obesity, weakening of muscle, reduced libido and increased lipids in the blood.

This condition needs to be recognised and corrected with appropriate hormone therapy.

Dr Aditya Pradhan and his team run a regular Andrology Clinic at the BLK Hospital New Delhi. All the procedures mentioned above are regularly performed with good results. Additionally patients needing IVF therapy are then treated in conjunction with the IVF center

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