Event Date : 10/13/2018
Opd at Fiji. Talk on Prostate cancer screening to Fiji Cancer Centre
Event Date : 10/04/2018
A great day at Amrita Kochi at the Robotic Surgery Centre
Event Date : 10/01/2018
Happy to have hosted Dr Asiz from Kabul for Endo Urology training at Blk Hospital
Event Date : 09/10/2018
Participated in Prostate Cancer conference Prism 10 September. Was a panelist for surgical treatment locally advanced cancer.
Event Date : 08/13/2018
Doctors team from Uzbek coming to Delhi for training at BLK HOSPITAL
Event Date : 08/12/2018
OPD at Uzbekistan in Tashkent and Urgench
Event Date : 06/26/2018
Lecture on Partial Nephrectomy presented at Urology centre of Uzbekistan
Event Date : 06/26/2018
OPD at Uzbekistan with OZ Hospital at Adijan cancer centre Adijan and Uzbek Urology Centre Tashkent Uzbekistan.
Event Date : 06/11/2018
At Expanse 2018 Kuala Lumpur. Was on a panel discussion of Cancer Prostate
Event Date : 04/30/2018
Attended a Uro-oncology workshop at Lucknow on all aspects of Urooncology
Event Date : 04/18/2018
Performed a Masterclass of Kidney transplantation at Tajikistan Dangara hospital on 18th and 19th April.
Event Date : 04/15/2018
Presented a lecture on Robotics in Urology at IMA OUTER WEST DELHI ANNUAL DAY on 15th April
Event Date : 04/05/2018
Treated our 3rd case with complete incontinence after Radical Prostatectomy 5 Year ago at another hospital Now fully continent and leading normal life.
Event Date : 04/01/2018
Wonderful Congress at Mumbai on AMERICAN SOCIETY OF GENITOURINARY ONCOLOGY on Sunday 1st April Participated in a seminar on Bladder Cancer
Event Date : 03/01/2018
Attended European Society of Sexual Medicine at Lisbon Portugal from 1st to 3rd March 2018
Event Date : 02/10/2018
Presented a cme on cancer prostate update to DELHI MEDICAL ASSOCIATION DWARKA BRANCH DELHI on 10th-Feb -2018
Event Date : 01/20/2018
Our new robot the new X-Da Vinci to be inducted shortly at BLK Hospital.
Event Date : 01/20/2018
3 urologists From Tashkent , Uzbekistan-Dr Salimov, Dr Zakinov and dr Khamanov along with my team Visited us for 1 month to see various operations done in our Center
Event Date : 01/18/2018
Attended Annual Urology Conference at Jaipur from 18 to 21 Jan. We had 2 posters. One on Cadaver Transplant and the other on Sicle cell disease with Kidney Transplant
Event Date : 11/18/2017
View of Xi Robot to be bought by BLK Hospital At Robotics Surgeon Council meeting Goa on 18th - 19th November
Event Date : 11/25/2017
Did kidney transplant surgery master class and lectures with transplant centre at Tajikistan. This is the main transplant centre and this was an academic program
Event Date : 11/03/2017
Presented paper on Kidney Cancer at NorthZone Urology Society of India conference at Meerut on 3rd to 5th Nov. Title of paper Positive Margins after Partial Nephrectomy.
Event Date : 10/13/2017
INDIAN Society of Organ Transplantation Topic Management of donor
Event Date : 09/28/2017
Urology Society of India North Zone at Manila. 28th Sep. Presented a paper on Overview of Cadaver Transplant
Event Date : 09/12/2017
Attended a International seminar on Prostate Cancer - the cutting edge. At Mount Sinai Hospital NY
Event Date : 08/10/2017
Event Date : 07/25/2017
Our patient contact program in Uro Oncology in association with Cipla
Event Date : 08/19/2017
Uro Oncology meeting on Sat 19th August Presented data on 2 landmark trials Latitude and Stampede which have changed ground rules of advanced Prostate Cancer care
Event Date : 07/30/2017
OPD at Malawi 30th Jul to 2nd Aug. Very productive with more than 250 Patients. Beautiful African country with British Roots
Event Date : 07/01/2017
Launched ABHAY Our patient contact program in Uro oncology in association with Cipla
Event Date : 07/01/2017
Active Surveillance for Prostate Cancer, Dr Aditya Pradhan BLK Superspeciality Hospital, New Delhi
Event Date : 06/24/2017
Complications in Urology : Novel theme of conference on 24 Jun 17. Our paper on stent related complications well accepted
Event Date : 06/17/2017
Most cases of Prostate cancer detected by a PSA test are low grade, early stage disease
Event Date : 06/18/2017
Urology Camp done on 18th June 2017 with excellent response.
Event Date : 04/17/2017
Urology Conference Expanse 17 April 2017 at Mahabalipuram During a panel discussion on Cancer Prostate with Dr Anil Mandhani
Event Date : 2017
Loads of material on check point inhibitors and genetic testing in #urology cancers
Event Date : 04/29/2017
A CME on Kidney Transplant at Allahabad on Saturday 29 April 2017
Event Date : 03/24/2017
Many exciting developments in Acitve surveillance protocols in Prostate Cancer
Event Date : 03/17/2017
Organised presentation on Radical Prostatectomy at Jaypee Sidhartha Hotel on 17th March 2017. More than 25 Urologists and Uro oncologists attended. Proved a very useful teaching - learning platform
Event Date : 03/08/2017
An interesting case of Kidney Stone Fully cleared in single sitting PCNL Operation time 2 hours
Event Date : 02/10/2017
58 yr male presenting with right flank pain after prior TURP 2 y ago. GFR Right Kidney 32 ml/min. Left Kidney normal Rare complication produced by previous TURP causing complete scarring of trigone and RIght Ureteric Obstruction Treated by Endoincision
Event Date : 05/05/2016
CME For Delegation of Urologists From Morocco Held on 05/May/2016 in The Lalit New Delhi, The Topic was BPH Surgery Prostate Cancer....
Event Date : 01/18/2017
USICON Conference in Mumbai on 18th January 2017 to 21st January 2017.
Event Date : 01/07/2017
CME with IMA held in Bareilly on 7th January 2017.